Business Flyer 2017

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Business Flyer 2017 serves as a platform for the realisation of dreams and aspirations. By combining the creativity and wisdom of Hongkongers, your designs may become a part of our Lunar New Year Stall, to be seen, shared, and sold to the general public. This is a testing ground for your abilities; a display case for your capabilities. If you have an idea waiting to be actualised, however brief it may be, feel free to submit your design via the link below. Please note that it is optional for you to leave contact information. HKOSA shall retain the final rights to the application of your submitted designs.

Submission form:


As an active advocate of young people's expression of original ideas, this year, we are organizing the Business Flyer, which aims at unleashing potential of young minds by educating entrepreneurship. In a successful business model, expertise at different aspects, such as writing, communication, designing, etc, is required. Youngsters will be encouraged to send us their ideas and experts in this area will choose the winning groups. The winning groups’ plans will then be implemented in the Lunar New Year Stall. Through the process of designing products and marketing strategies, young people can uncover and utilize their talents to contribute to the society in the future.


Another objective of the programme is to showcase the talents of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong students have always been encouraged to ‘think out of the box’. However, very often, students lack a platform to implement their ideas. The programme is a platform which gathers the creativity of all Hong Kong people. As long as they have an idea, we will help them implement it. At the same time, any profits will be donated to an NGO of the team’s preference. This allows participants to contribute to the society while doing business. This can also promote the concept of social enterprise and responsible business. There will be open recruitment for talents and helpers to gather ideas from students all over Hong Kong. Every student in Hong Kong can grasp the opportunity and put what they learn into practice. This not only involves business, but also creativity, management and applied technology, etc.


Programme highlights

The Business Flyer comprises of a series of training activities on the Orientation Day for helpers as well as the Lunar New Year Stall.


   Orientation Series

Students will be divided into groups by the Committee or arranged into their own preferred groups.  There will be ice-breaking sessions to foster team spirit on the group. Group members can understand each other better so as to have an initial idea on what roles they would play in a business team. Furthermore, after a talk, participants will be able to get a taste of marketing in the business world through a MTR pitch (a variant of Elevator Pitch). Participants would possess a thorough picture of how to promote products effectively. 


   Lunar New Year Stall

Chosen proposals will be implemented. The products will be sold at the Lunar New Year Stall. The Executive Committee shall discuss with helpers to design concrete marketing strategies, prices, logistics, design, etc. It aims at creating a platform for participants to actualise their proposals through implementing the proposal of the winning team of the Business Flyer. From the programme, there will be a wide spectrum of marketing ideas and some products that they are keen to launch to the general public. By considering their valuable ideas, we will hold a stall in the Lunar New Year Market for selling their suggested products, hence bring up their brilliant business concepts into real market. The stall will be maintained by the Executive Committee members under the assistance of helpers. This is the most prominent reason why this stall are unique and different from those hold by other organizations.

Programme specifics

Second-round Assessment: 10th November 2017 (Friday)

Orientation Camp:               11th to 12th November 2017 (Saturday to Sunday)

Empowerment Talk:              03rd December 2017 (Sunday)

Product Presentation:           10th December 2017 (Sunday)

Lunar New Year Stalls:          10th to 16th February (seven days)

Working language

Cantonese will be the main language throughout the programme.


Organising Committee recruitment is now open till 08th November!

Click the link below for the online application form:

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Secondary school students from Form 4-5 (Year 10-11) and Year 1 University Students are eligible to apply as helpers. Students can be interested in different aspects such as Arts and Design, but not necessarily business.

Other Learning Experience Hours

Local students joining BF17 will be granted certified OLE hours if they can attend all our orientation events and actively participate during events. Full participation throughout the whole event will lead to the award of up to 100 OLE hours. The Association will provide certificates to participants if they attain full participation rate.