'Connect with the community; Move forward in unity.'


President - CHAN, Phoebe

Greetings. I am Phoebe Chan, the President of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association and a current student at The University of Hong Kong studying BBA Accounting and Finance. I am honored to serve this wonderful association the members of which have shown me the same amount of respect and trust as that of close-knitted family members.


My journey with HKOSA began with sitting the assessment test. I remember the thrill just before the test and the contrasting embarrassment and self-doubt during and after the test. Although I gave up all hope of joining this prestigious family after the difficult written test, I, just like all other members, was over the world having received an invitation to the assessment camp. From befriending fellow contestants to communicating with senior OSArs, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time in the camp where I made lifelong friends who also decided to join the executive committee with me. Winning the award was only part of the unforgettable experience I had with this family. I cherish the memories of gatherings, reunions and deep talks with my closest friends in this association.


Serving the Executive Committee and our members is a dream come true. I hope that under my leadership, I can guide our association forward and give back to our members - senior and junior alike - and the Hong Kong community at large.  On behalf of the 34th Executive Committee, I pledge that, in the coming year, we will put in our best effort to fulfil our responsibilities by connecting OSArs, and serving the community. The committee looks forward to promoting the noble values of HKOSA through hosting events for members and the public. With concerted effort from our members, we are confident that our association will progress to exerting greater impact in society. We will continuously evaluate ourselves and our events as we vow to stay open to the invaluable feedback from council members, advisors, and members. We look forward to seeing you in upcoming events. With everyone's collective contribution and insight, we are optimistic about the outlook of our association as we strive to broaden and deepen our influence.


2019, 2020 and foreseeably 2021 have been and will continue to be special years for Hong Kong and the world. As our generation steps into the years ahead, full of uncertainty and concern, we believe the strongest support we have is each other. As such, our theme this year - “Connect with the community, Move forward in unity” emphasizes on the importance of building strong relationships with one another in order to advance in these troubling times. Through sincere words of encouragement, constructive criticism, and intellectual exchange, we aspire not necessarily to a better future, but one in which our members and the Hong Kong community can stand strong together amidst the numerous obstacles and challenges our generation faces.


“Connect with the community, Move forward in unity”


Stay safe and stand strong. We look forward to taking the leading role in nurturing Hong Kong students as we strive to broaden our reach and deepen our influence.