#1 Our Missions


The Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association is a non-profit organisation aiming at:

- Encouraging progress, sharing and pursuit of real joy in serving the Hong Kong community

- Contributing to charitable causes

- Fostering student participation in social services

- Promoting a closer relationship among all the members - Providing general welfare to members

#2 Our Vision


Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association (HKOSA) was founded in 1987 by the awardees and finalists of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Award, which is overseen by the Youth Arch Foundation and previously by the Lion & Globe Educational Trust. There are presently over 900 members.


The Association has always strived to educate students in all aspects of society as well as developing their leadership skills and sense of social conscience. Thus, it has taken an active role in the community and initiated creative and innovative projects.


Moreover, the Association has always endeavored to provide education and development in areas, which in the normal academic curriculum would not appear, thereby inspiring participating students to extend their development to all levels of society.


For instance, the International Convergence was initiated in 2005. This is a multicultural-experience scheme that will educate Form 2 to Form 4 participants on cultures of different countries through unique experiences such as interviews with eminent expatriates in Hong Kong, visits to temples and lessons on cooking traditional cuisine, in order to promote the cultural diversity so represented in Hong Kong.


The Association also emphasises the need for strong community conscience and thus, has always promoted charitable causes and social service. This is highlighted best in the annual calendar by the Community Outreach, which will enable participating students to hone in on their leadership skills whilst simultaneously furthering their community involvement.


Additionally, the Association has always considered it imperative that the voices of youth should be heard in today's society, in particular on issues that affect our society as a whole. Bearing this in mind, the Hong Kong Youth Summit is organised every year, so as to allow student participants to express their concerns and propose solutions on pressing issues both locally and globally today. Furthermore, the Association has always considered non-academic traits just as important as academics. Thus, every summer the Interflow Camp is organised and allows participants to develop their inter-personal and social skills and getting to know other students from drastically different backgrounds from other schools.


The Association has an extensive history of collaborating with other youth organisations to marshal unique programmes, including the Future Young Leaders' Forum organised by the Hong Kong Outstanding Young Persons' Association.


The Association will continue to strive to serve society and create a brighter future for Hong Kong.

#3 History of the Award


The Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award was initiated by the Lion & Globe Educational Trust. In 2010, the Youth Arch Foundation succeeded Lion & Globe as the Award organiser. The organiser would like to encourage all-round development of students in Hong Kong. After three years of preparation, the first "Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award" was held in 1985, in which only female students were eligible in joining this competition. The award was opened to male students in the third year, 1987.


The criteria for the election of the awardees are based on many aspects, such as academic excellence, talents and abilities in extra-curricular activities, participation in social services, performance in written test and interview etc.


Students will be nominated by their schools to participate in this annual event. Each year, 50 finalists are selected, in which, 10 of them are chosen to be the awardees of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award.

#4 Meaning of the Logo


  1. The triangle representing the awarding system was being "tilted". The triangle represents the balanced development of the "body", "mind" and "talent". After being "tilted", the development is in all directions instead of only upwards. 

  2. The Chinese character "Outstanding" (傑) breaks through its original position. This represents OSArs never stop at the point when we receive the award. Instead, we will even strive tougher to break through ourselves and attach higher achievement.

  3. The dove is flying with energy. Dove represents the friendship and spirit of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association. Starting with our association, we are to extend and continue our association's spirit through "Righteousness" (創義), "Ability" (創藝) and 'Inspiration" (創意).


The Association Song

Qingmiao (青苗)



不遠的樹林有棵青苗 呼呼北風吹未畏半點
抓緊艷陽去吸收 未怕阻撓與困憂
風吹雲沒雪過後 小小勁苗根枝秀
不屈自強去堅守 昂然而立廣遍樹蔭

我似這青苗付出真心 以信心而創獻社群
破阻撓進軍 豐富燦爛人生

真我熱誠化作青苗 呼呼北風吹未畏半點
抓緊艷陽去吸收 未怕阻撓與困憂
風吹雲沒雪過後 小小勁苗根枝秀
不屈自強去堅守 昂然而立廣遍樹蔭

憑藉心內那點真 隨著關懷情互滲
憑著這雙手 去肩擔社會責任
我憑藉心內那點真 隨著關懷情互滲 
全賴這首歌 傳揚萬里
要香港這片地 充滿樂蔭

Interflow Camp Song

Huiyi (回憶)




回憶 當天初次遇見 我未去你跟前
現要離開方覺得 是很可惜
回憶 當天的那勵勉 你令我去堅持
記得你從前 曾經給的打氣聲
連同學也許 從沒有這般的相處
在這幾天裏同行 難得你在旁為我 全力去加油
我記得 曾被你開解苦困
你共我同行並唱著 若然可以
再會之時 來共我牽手再互勉 

回憶 一起參與玩意 競逐與我奔馳
現要離開方覺得 極想珍惜
回憶 當天的那倦意 縱是怕也堅持
也許我從前 曾疏忽這打氣聲
連同學也許 從沒有這般的相處
在這幾天裏同行 難得你在旁為我 全力去加油
我記得 曾被你開解苦困
你共我同行並唱著 若然可以
再會之時 來共我牽手再互勉 
如果你也重視從前 曾經一起與我歌唱
盼望能為你 在此歡呼說聲 
Hand in hand, let's sing this everlasting song
在這幾天裏同行 難得你在旁令我 重拾信心
願我可 完全認識這班好友
友共愛常存在我內 若然相見
記住當時 曾共我牽手去互勉 
如果你也重視從前 如果一天會再相見
盼望能共你 再次關懷互勉