Message from the 34th Executive Committee


Vice-President - CHAN, Benjamin

After joining HKOSA two years ago, I feel ecstatic to be writing this statement as Vice President of the 34th Executive Committee. It is with utmost enthusiasm that I begin a lifetime of giving back to this big and outstanding family.


This is a special time for the world, for Hong Kong, and for us. Now, more than ever, we see the importance, power and value in staying connected. While HKOSA remains a strong and closely bonded community amidst the pandemic, we expect to face major challenges as we approach our 35th anniversary. Our theme “Connect with the community, Move forward in unity” highlights our objective of maintaining and strengthening connections between existing and new OSArs, across time and location; we also aim to integrate even deeper into the community and reach out to those in need in this dire situation. It is with optimism that we strive to empower Hong Kong students to give back to the community with compassion, awareness, solidarity and generosity.


Looking ahead, I am honoured to be able to work with my fellow OSArs, many of whom are mentors, friends, and even as close as family. I have found great satisfaction in working with members of the 34th Executive Committee because of our common goals, interests and passion - to connect, to unite, to inspire, to dream big, and to stay humble. I embrace the responsibilities that come with this role and I look forward to welcoming incoming OSArs, bonding with current members, and to contributing my time and energy to uniting our community as we strive to grow even stronger in the post-pandemic world. It is my greatest wish that HKOSA continues to flourish and inspire. I am incredibly excited about embarking on this journey and I genuinely believe that our best days are yet to come.


Please stay safe and take care of those around you. I hope to see you in our upcoming events.


Connect with the community, Move forward in unity.


Internal Secretary - WONG, Christy

Greetings! I am Christy, a year 1 student studying medicine at the University of Hong Kong and I am particularly grateful to have this delightful opportunity to serve HKOSA as the Internal Secretary in the year ahead.


Some would say ‘Outstanding’ is a quantifiable measurement of one’s achievements; others deem it as a term specialized for the born genius. But HKOSA teaches me that giving is outstanding. From initially being timid at expressing myself in front of many other aspirational and extremely talented OSArs, to slowly getting along and making friends with them and now being one of the committee members; from being aimless of my future goals, to having been exposed to a large range of activities including mentorship programs, voluntary teaching and camps and receiving generous advice from seniors and peers, I begin to see what I can do and what I should do. HKOSA to be is more than just a competition, but a warm place to grow, to gain, to give, and to be outstanding.


Last year has been a turbulent year, with any activities regrettably being switched to online or canceled. However, the 33rd Exco has taught us to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and never stop striving for the chances to serve. With this year’s theme ‘Connect with the community; Move forward in Unity’ highlighting the very power of connection and unity, we will continue to hold events that connect people and empower them to make a change. Stay tuned for our activities and I hope to see you soon in our upcoming events! Stay safe and healthy! 


External Secretary - LEE, Elena

Greetings! I am Elena, a year-one medical student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my honour to serve the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association this year as the External Secretary. 


I am beyond grateful for being part of the HKOSA family and nowhere else feels more like home to me. In HKOSA, not only could you find people who are gifted and approachable, you could also find people who will become your lifelong friends and give full support to all your endeavours. Every OSAr is remarkable in their own ways and it is amazing to be able to know such dedicated and motivated people.


In the coming year, we will uphold our vision: “Connected with the community; Move forward in unity.” Under the pandemic situation, the new normal would be to live with COVID-19. However, we wish to maintain the connections between people from different sectors of society during these difficult times so that we could recover from the setbacks we have faced and work towards a better future. 


Stay tuned for the latest updates of our activities and I cannot wait to see you in our events! 


Financial Secretary - NG, Erika

Hello! This is Erika, a Year 1 student studying Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to serve HKOSA and all OSArs as the Financial Secretary in the coming year. I would like to express my deepest gratitude in your trust to us.


Two years ago, I was one of the finalists of the 34th Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award. At first, I felt a little bit hard to fit in as everyone seemed to be super talented and unreachable. What helped me blend into this warm family was the Summer Gathering held by the 32nd ExCo. They provided us with a great chance to know more about HKOSA and debunked my myth towards OSArs. They were nice and encouraging, which deeply impressed me. 

Now it is our turn to serve. Following our vision “Connected with the Community; Move forward in unity”, we will do our very best to support and give back to the community regardless of the pandemic of COVID-19. Stay tuned for further updates of our activities!


Public Relations Officer - 

CHEN, Sarah

Hihi! My name is Sarah, a Form 5 student at Raimondi College, and I am tremendously honoured to be your Public Relations Officer (PRO) this year! Thank you all for entrusting us to be the 34th ExCo and we will try our very best to not let any one of you down.


My experience in OSA has truly been unexpected. It has only been a year of OSA but it has already given me opportunities and memories for a lifetime. I have met some people who I am sure to become lifelong friends, gotten the opportunity to aid and serve the community in ways I have never been able to before and have been given a chance to inspire and share to future OSArs to come.

2020 is probably a hard year, but we, the 34th Exco, will be here for you. Let's connect and move forward together! Stay safe and try to be happy in this tough time and be with us and remember to join our coming activities!