Message from the 35th Executive Committee

Carina Yu.png

Vice-President - YU, Carina

Hello everyone! I am Carina, a year one government and laws student at the University of Hong Kong. It is my honour to serve the OSA community as Vice President.

It was a huge honour to be a finalist and Doreen Leung Memorial Service Award recipient of the HKOSA in 2019, as I have long looked up to seniors in my high school who were also part of the HKOSA community. Throughout the course of the competition, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with and get to know like-minded peers, as well as learn from the wisdom of renowned alumni and mentors. It was through these eye-opening experiences that I understood the term “outstanding” is not limited to my individual capabilities, but also my devotion to furthering causes I am passionate about, and the strong drive to give back to society.

This year will be another tumultuous year - The coronavirus pandemic has yet to fully fie down, and consequently many opportunities we previously took for granted are subject to uncertainty. But I am confident that challenges that lie ahead can assist our growth to become even more outstanding students as we further connect as a community. And that with the collective determination of the Executive Committee, we will uncover, and grasp new opportunities that arise during these tumultuous times. I look forward to our experiences together, and am never more eager to start my duties in serving the HKOSA community.

Nathan Ng.png

Internal Secretary - NG, Nathan

Having entered the HKOSA family two years ago, I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to take up the duty of internal secretary of the 35th Executive Committee. I am Nathan, a form 5 student studying in St. Paul’s Co-educational College, and it is with gratefulness, enthusiasm and honour that I begin a new chapter of my service journey to HKOSA and to society.


HKOSA is more than a competition, but instead it is a community for life-long learning, growth and bonding. The past few years have not been easy, but our response to challenges has been perseverance, and our response to hardship has been unity. Amidst the pandemic, our predecessors, the 34th Executive Committee, has been relentless in their efforts to maintain the ties between OSArs and arrange various events to connect with different stakeholders in Hong Kong. We will strive to follow in their footsteps, and our theme “synergise to serve, connect to consolidate” highlights our goal to unify fellow OSArs in solidarity and strengthen our sense of community-mindedness. I am humbled to be able to collaborate with fellow OSArs, who have been great mentors and companions. With our aligned mission and interests, I am confident that we will be able to work coherently and allow HKOSA to continue to flourish.


“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” We all can be outstanding, but not through our accolades, our achievements, but instead through our passion and commitment to serve the community. Together, we shall align our missions, we shall cultivate our dedication, and we shall be able to give back to society. I look forward to working with you to concretise our initiatives in the coming year ahead.

Kelly Leung.png

External Secretary -
LEUNG, Kelly

Greetings! I am Kelly, a year one student studying BBA(Law) & LLB at the University of Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to serve as the External Secretary of the 35th Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association. 

When it comes to my first impression of Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award, it felt like an unreachable goal. I had no idea on defining the word 'outstanding'. Yet, things changed when I joined the OSA assessment camp. I could still recall the day when I met a group of OSA candidates. We were just like friends rather than competitors. Rarely did I find new people who were so like-minded. We shared similar values and thoughts. They were passionate about their own dreams and were striving their very best to achieve excellence. The day meant a lot to me. It encouraged me not only to be a doer, but to be a 'dreamer'. 

'Attitude alters altitude.' It has been my motto for years. Though we are in an ever- changing and challenging era, I believe that we can make it through together. Being grateful for what we have is important. Nothing is taken for granted. We should better cherish every single moment with the loved ones. To create more delicious memories, our association will continue to devote ourselves in providing valuable opportunities and supports for OSArs. We sincerely hope that through engaging in our activities,  OSArs will build rapport with different groups of people and develop a closer link to the community. We will regularly update the details of activities on our Instagram page. Stay tuned, stay healthy and don't miss them! Thanks for your kind support!

Teresa Liu.png

Financial Secretary - LIU, Teresa

Discrimination. Racism. Domestic violence and suicide. Darkness fills your sights, weight falls on your chests, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Are we supposed to dwell on the discontent towards current situations? Aren’t we able to see the goodness in our world? 

I’m not saying that we should be optimistic and shouldn’t be critical. We should have critical thinking, so that we can shatter rumours and distorted news. We should be realistic, so that we can see the truth. But above all, one key element seems to be forgotten: compassion. As J.R.R. Tolkien said, “the world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.” 

I’m thankful for becoming one of the Executive Committees of HKOSA this year, and I would strive to serve the community and make an impact. But I believe that we don’t have to be outstanding in order to change the world. Start from our hearts and minds. Should there be a little less hatred, a little more kindness; a little less complaint, a little more appreciation and respect – trust me, you will realise how different the world becomes.

Martin Chan.png

Public Relations Officer - 
CHAN, Martin

Hello! I’m Martin, the public relations officer of the 35th Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association (HKOSA). It is my honour to serve as an executive committee member of this amazing association. After two years of mainly virtual activities, I hope that we can forge a closer connection between OSAr members and the public through more face-to-face activities in the coming months.

It has always been a mission of the Association to connect with the community, and public relations is a key element of community engagement. As the committee’s public relations officer, I will use more diverse and interactive means to promote our activities and spread our messages, such that our words can reach even further and wider than before and make a positive impact in our city. I also pledge to make contacting HKOSA easier in the coming year and to maintain a good relationship with the media and the public.

For the Association to successfully connect with Hong Kong’s youth, we also need your support. I am looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming events so we can serve the community together!

Anne Ng.png

Internal Relations Officer - 
NG, Anne

Salutations! My name is Anne and I read law at the University of Hong Kong. 

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

I think we would all but agree that, as human beings, much as some loathe to admit it, we draw inspiration from one another. My contemporaries are my one major source of support and delight, their fearless endeavours in exploring the society commendable by every measure. I say explore, because we don’t know enough about our world, yet we know enough about it to know that we don’t.

Maybe it’s time I say it: Nobody has it all figured out. Even accomplished scholars and glamorous celebrities have doubts and insecurities. So who are we to be complacent? 

This is where the power of the community sets in. You might as well do fine on your own until you reach a bottleneck. Somewhere along the way, you’ll notice that you crave to use a trait you don’t have in you. If only you can draw, if only you can write, if only you have everything in you to seize. So further along your journey, you learn to realise, love, and appreciate the gifts of your peers, friends and foes alike.

If ever, after all that turbulence you’ve been through, the voyage still halted in a shipwreck, rest be assured that your dwindling faith rekindle. My team and I would like to reassure you that, triumph or failure alike, every part of your experience matters. They embody the effort of you yourself and all those behind you. Celebrate it, commemorate it, share it. Be our inspiration.

“Synergise to Serve; Connect to Consolidate.”

Audrey Chia.png

Social Services Officer - 
CHIA, Audrey

Hello everyone! I’m Audrey, the social services officer of the 35th Outstanding Students’ Association. I love nature, drama and visiting art galleries. Serving the community has also been a crucial part in my life, and seeing smiles on the faces of participants really warms my heart.


As this year’s social services officer, I hope you all can support the “social services series” of HKOSA, as well as other activities throughout the year. As the saying goes, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”. I believe by working together with fellow OSArs, we would be able to achieve even higher! I look forward to seeing you all “synergise to serve, connect to consolidate”˗ˋˏ♡ˎˊ˗

Marco Lam.png

Administrative Officer - 
LAM, Marco

Hello! I’m Marco, a year 1 student studying Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It is my pleasure to serve HKOSA as the Administrative Officer in the coming year.


I was one of the finalists of the 35th Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award. During the election, every day I asked myself the definition of ‘Outstanding’, and I still can’t give a certain answer. It looks like a unachievable goal to me, I hardly find a link between me and ‘Outstanding’ at first. What I think it means now is ‘learn and give everything you could’. I will make use of everything I learnt to serve the society. I look forward to seeing you in the future activities.


“Synergise to Serve; Connect to Consolidate.”