Message from the 33rd Executive Committee

Vice-President - SHEK, Jasmine

        Greetings to everyone! I am currently a year-one student studying Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. It is my greatest pleasure to have the privilege to serve the HKOSA as the Vice President in the coming year. 


        I still remember my first encounter with HKOSA vividly during my participation in the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Award two years ago. Before the election, I had the assumption that I would be meeting people who are highly competitive and hubristic. Yet, the outcome was completely out of my expectations - not only have I made friends who are outstanding and talented in their own way, but I have also found a supportive family with a strong bonding. Therefore, I believe it is of utmost importance to maintain the bonding between OSArs and to build up OSArs’ sense of belonging to this family.


        Our theme this year is “What you’ve explored is what you’ll become”. We believe that exploration is an important stage in our lives. As the pillars of the future society, we have the responsibility to explore future possibilities for the society we are living in. We should also make time for discovering who we are within, as Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Hence, we hope to provide opportunities for OSArs and other students to embark on their own journeys within themselves, as well as to make an impact to the society.


        I wish HKOSA a flourishing year ahead and I look forward to seeing your participation in our events!

Internal Secretary - TSUI, Jessica

        Hello! I am Jessica, a year-one student studying Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my great honour to become a part of this warm family, and serve OSA as the Internal Secretary of the Executive Committee this year.


        The first time I met OSA was during the introduction given by the 31st ExCos after the written test of the election. At that time, I did not believe the slogan - ‘Some called it an election, we called it home.’ I thought people were super aggressive and wanted to compete with one another. Yet, as I met more and more OSArs, I found that OSA is a great platform for me to meet bundles of people that are not only outstanding but also friendly. We have become close friends who are willing to support and share our lives with each other. Very often, I share my difficulties to my friends in OSA and they would provide always me a way out. And now, we have become the members of the Executive Committee to serve all of you.


        “What you’ve explored is what you’ll become” is the theme of this year. Stay tuned for the latest updates of the activities we will hold in the coming year! 

External Secretary - KAN, Anson

        Hello! This is Anson, the External Secretary of the 33rd ExCo of the HKOSA. Thank y’all very much for granting me this delightful chance to serve the OSA this year!


        Although I was never so much an active participant in the past events held by the HKOSA, I’ve always been so grateful for what the organization has given me in many ways. Not only was I exposed to a myriad of invaluable opportunities, I also got to meet many interesting and sophisticated people here, like my best friend, Sean, who’s always there for me for all the struggles in high school. It’s always hard to get friends sharing the same vibes with you, and I’m glad I met one of them. 


        Unlike other organizations, the relationship between the members of the HKOSA is built on mutual respect and trust. As long as you’re in, no one’s going to put you down; rather, members are always there, available to lend you a hand whenever you find necessary. Everyone here is aiding each other in becoming a better person - this is so different from many other relationships we’re going to develop in society.


        Since everyone's mentioned the theme already, so I'd prefer not to be corny. Once we get into this, we’ll feel that spirit in our jellies.

Financial Secretary - MOK, Addison

        Greetings! I am Addison, a year 1 student studying Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management) at the University of Hong Kong. It’s my honour to serve all of you OSArs as the Financial Secretary this year. I’d like to express my gratitude in your faith and trust in us.


        Even though getting into the final of the 33rd Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award had already exceeded my expectations, I didn’t realize how this warm OSA family could make a big influence on me. My first impression of OSArs is that they’re unapproachable multi-talented individuals that desire to make a difference in the society, but I soon realized that they’re actually within reach and are very encouraging after I went to the Assessment Camp and attended different activities.


        In OSA, not only did I meet lifelong friends to rely on, but also senior OSArs to ask for different advice. More importantly, I even got my invaluable first internship opportunity after my graduation in Secondary School to explore my potential in the business world. As a result, no prizes for guessing that OSA is a unique place with strong bonding and network. Providing me with generous support in a myriad of aspects like academic pursuits and career goals, I decided that I should devote more effort in contributing back to the Association.


        Being the Financial Secretary is a tough ask, but I am motivated to manage the accounts well, ask for different sponsorships and maintain communication with the subsidiary committees. We would commit and try our best as a team to transcend the limits, inspire more OSArs and young people in the society.


        “What you’ve explored is what you’ll become”.

Public Relations Officer -


        Greetings! My name is Ewan Windebank, a Form 6 student at Rosaryhill Secondary School, and I am tremendously honoured to be your Public Relations Officer (PRO) this year! Thank you all for entrusting us to be the 33rd ExCo and we will be sure to not let any one of you down.


        My experience in OSA has truly been unexpected. It has only been a number of months since I have been part of OSA but it has already given me opportunities and memories for a lifetime. I have met some people who I am sure to become lifelong friends, gotten the opportunity to aid and serve the community in ways I have never been able to before and have been given a chance to inspire and share to future OSArs to come.


        I strongly believe that everyone has the opportunity to be something brilliant, it just takes some belief and willpower to get there. I would know as I started from humble beginnings - barely even graduating primary school. But after I started believing too, I am who I am today. Hence why I will spend every moment that I have to inspire others to believe.


        I may be young, and my background may be rather different to most of you, but I promise to do my very best to do my duty faithfully, not just in my role as PRO but as an OSAr. "What you’ve explored is what you’ll become" and we will be sure to give you ample chance to explore every nook and cranny of yourself, so that you can maximize the true potential you have within.

Social Services Officer -

LO, Vanessa

        Hello! I am Vanessa Lo, a year one Music student studying at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is my pleasure to be the Social Services Officer of the 33rd Executive Committee of HKOSA and to serve OSArs.


        Two years ago, the 31st Executive Committee introduced me to OSA after I finished the written test for being a finalist. Whilst initially having thought that OSA was only for aggressively competitive students,  my view changed drastically after the first night of the assessment camp. We not only had fun and felt comfortable with each other, but we also spent time reflecting and ruminating on our interests and priorities. It was impressive how much the 31st Executive Committee shared with us. I also found it inspiring that we were given the opportunity to share our views on social issues with senior OSArs in the assessment camp. Since then, I have discovered that OSA is a close-knit family, made up of people with various professions, and I finally came to understand the saying ''Some call it an election but we call it home''.


        My past experience as the President of the Caring Ambassadors for the Elderly for three years in my secondary school has given me the necessary foundational skills to serve as the Social Services Officer. This year, we hope to provide a variety of voluntary work opportunities, so as to encourage youngsters to contribute to society regularly.


        To uphold our vision “What you’ve explored is what you’ll become,” I sincerely hope that we can all explore more about our world and ourselves!

Internal Relations Officer -

LAM, Rachel

        Greetings from your Internal Relations Officer! I am Rachel Lam, a year-one student studying Medicine (global physician-leadership stream) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for entrusting our team and providing us with this golden opportunity to serve HKOSA in the upcoming year. 


        My path with OSA first crossed when I participated in the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Award two years ago. Not only did the selection provide me with once-in-a-lifetime memories and lifelong friendships, it also brought me into the HKOSA family. To me, OSA is a warm family with members from all walks of life. You could meet outstanding entrepreneurs, as well as renowned athletes; you could meet experienced members, as well as new blood from the latest selections. Nevertheless, the people you meet here at OSA share some common characteristics. Each is outstanding in their own ways, but they share the same aspiration to bring betterment to society. These are the core qualities that define an OSAr. ‘Giving is Outstanding’ and this motto has been upheld by OSArs since 1987.


        Imagine a free space with many dots scattered randomly. When a line is drawn, the dots can be connected and a picture could even be formed. Similarly, if we consider each individual as the dots, then OSA will be the line that connects us all. As the Internal Relations Officer, I will strive my best to foster the relationship among OSArs of different years and strengthen the bonding between us.


        “What you’ve explored is what you’ll become”. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities and we look forward to meeting you all soon!