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Messages from the 35th ExCos

Public Relations Officer
Vice President
Internal Relations Officer
Internal Secretary
Social Services Officer
External Secretary
Administrative Officer
Financial Secretary

President - LIU, Jake

Jake Liu.png

Salutations! I am Jake, a freshman reading business at The University of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association is a community with a long and rich history. Empowered by the ardent support from our members and all those who have stood behind us, we are privileged and obliged to provide our members with the best we can offer. I have always been amazed and humbled by the talents of our senior members who had come before me in this OSA journey. It is, by all means, an invaluable opportunity to seek genuine advice from experienced counterparts and this makes our Association stand out from the crowd. We are beyond an association, indeed a family where we can count on each other whenever we are in need.

Remember how our motto goes, “Giving is Outstanding”? As mentioned in our year theme, I hope to consolidate the sense of belonging of our fellow members by synergising and connecting members from various walks of life as this is the foundation of our passionate engagement in social services. With the improving situation of the pandemic, I believe that more face-to-face events can be held to promote the bonding of our fellow members, allowing a thorough exchange of ideas in between where we can continue to serve the community as a whole.

I look forward to your eager participation in the upcoming activities organised by our Executive Committee.

“Synergise to Serve; Connect to Consolidate”

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