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Activities 2021-2022

Check out & stay tuned to our events this year!

Nov - Dec 2021

Voyage Beyond:
Social Service Series

A collaboration with the Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association (AKA), "Voyage Beyond" is a series of 3 English-learning workshops targeting Primary 1-3 students in the Aberdeen neighbourhood. Both volunteers and children had an amazing time telling and listening to tales from around the world.

Apr 2022

Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022

The Hong Kong Youth Summit is our Association's flagship programme. This year, our theme is 'Anti-Apocalypse'. F3-5 students listened to professionals from various industries and teamed up to look for solutions to alleviate the impact of global issues, such as war and climate change.

Jul 2022

Orientation Day

An orientation day will be held to welcome Finalists of the 37th election into our family. 

Should the pandemic situation allow, face-to-face gatherings will be organized.

Coming Soon

Jan 2022

Uni Hub (postponed)

Every year, plenty of our members embark on their journeys at university, where they might encounter different adversities and uncertainties. UniHub provides a platform for senior OSArs to give guidance and support to freshmen OSArs of the same university, accompanying them during ups and downs in the new environment. 

Coming Soon

Jun - Jul 2022

Coffee Chat (postponed to June)

Coffee chat is a platform to connect OSArs from different generations. In particular, we hope to learn about junior OSArs’ desired career prospects and match them with senior OSArs working in such disciplines.

Jul - Aug 2022

Study Abroad Series

We are co-organising a study abroad festival with Access Abroad Hong Kong (AAHK). Open to all F3-5 students, this is an information session in which OSArs who are currently studying abroad would share their journey and provide insights to the aspiring international student.

Coming Soon

Looking for activities organised by past Executive Committees? Here in Archive, concealed memories are brought back to you in sorted records dating back from 2000.

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