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35th Executive Committee

36th Executive Committee

"Expanding relations, enriching experiences, empowering communities"

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"Expanding relations, enriching experiences, empowering communities."

Since 1985, our Association has grown and flourished by striving to achieve a long-lasting, sustainable impact on the communities we serve. Despite the outbreak of the pandemic, we as the 36th Executive Committee will strive to overcome adversity and remain true to our mission. In order to inspire more youths and like-minded individuals to continue driving their social ambitions, a key focus of this year's Executive Committee is to provide a platform of opportunities for individuals to expand upon their existing relations and friendships; enrich experiences through scholarly discussions or community outreach, and most importantly empower them with the skills and tools to inspire others to serve with pride and care. 

Through implementing various events, we aim to strengthen relations within the OSA family, provide external opportunities to engage in novel experiences and empower like-minded individuals to serve back in our community. As youth representatives of HKOSA, we hope to continue contributing our enthusiasm and empathy to create systemic change for the betterment of society.

The 36th Executive Committee, in office since August 2021, comprises of: 

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