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International Convergence, Community Outreach, Youth Summit, Interflow Camp

#1 International Convergence 2010

Introduction The theme of this year’s International Convergence is ‘Globe in a Scope'. To be a well-rounded person, we believe that young people must explore more on global issues, local affairs and their own social circle in order to improve themselves.

This year's International Convergence would therefore, be the first step of our endeavours. In sight of this, our focus of this year's project is “Multi-cultural Mindset”. In addition to the previous elements, an International Day would be held where international issues would be discussed in the cultural perspective of the different countries. Being a world citizen, we believe that we have the responsibility to respect and learn more about different cultures to appreciate the uniqueness behind different cultures. Through looking at a country from a native’s perspective, participants’ understanding of the countries’ culture will be deeply fostered. With the in-depth discussion at the end, we hope that the participants can gain new insights, have a growth mindset, and be objective when they encounter international issues in the future or make conclusions.

The scheme will last for approximately five weeks, during which the participants will learn about the culture, history, language and current affairs related to an assigned country. It is hoped that through this scheme, participants will learn to appreciate different cultures and develop an interest in the cultural practices of other countries along with like-minded students from different schools. Countries Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Thailand Target Group 80 students from Secondary 2 to Secondary 4, from secondary schools in Hong Kong Participants should: • Be responsible and prompt • Be able to think critically • Be active and creative

Tentative Programme Rundown Orientation Day Date: 17th October 2010 Time: 13:00– 18:00 Venue: Wa Ying College Cultural Exchange Day Date: 24th October 2010 Time: 12:30– 18:30 Venue: Wah Yan College, Hong Kong International Day Date: 13th November 2010 Time: 09:30– 17:00 Venue: St. Joseph's College Booth Day Date: 20th November 2010 Time: 10:30– 16:30 Venue: Kwun Tong Maryknoll College Cultural Experience Sessions 18th October 2010 – 5th November 2010 During the Cultural Experience Session, each group will be given an invaluable chance to experience the cultural practices of its country. A member of the 24th Executive Committee and at least one member of the Organising Committee will accompany each group at all times. Moreover, Guest Advisors / Exchange Students will advise each group and provide explanations of the cultural implications during visitsIn these three weeks, each group will participate in or visit two activities/sites of interest to experience the country’s culture. These activities include visits to mosques and temples, local dance and music sessions or cooking cuisine native to the country. In addition, each group will visit the consulates of their respective countries and interview either the Consul or Consul-General. It is hoped that through the process, participants can gain deeper insights into the culture and background of the country. Cultural Project Week 6th November 2010 – 19th November 2010 During this week, participants will prepare for a performance and a forum for the International Day and a booth which will be set up on Booth Day. The performance provides a chance for the participants to share with others what they have experienced during the “Cultural Experience Session”. The forum allows the participants to truly experience looking at another country from a different perspective. Instead of learning about the culture as a foreigner, they will act as the citizens of their assigned country. For the booths, participants are encouraged to design interactive activities for their booths so that they can learn from one another the cultures of different countries. This year, the booths will be open to some primary school students, in the hope that the participants can pass on what they have learnt to these primary students who may not have the chance to visit so many foreign countries.



Community Outreach 2011


Bearing the theme ‘One to World and World to One’ for this session, our association hopes to motivate and educate students to actively serve the community and raise their social awareness. Through serving the needy, compassion and a sense of responsibility for the society can be cultivated to achieve personal growth in the participants. We also aim at instilling in the teenage participants a sense of concern for current social problems.

We would like to emphasise the continuity of passion in service in our participants. Most of the service projects in the community offer one-time service sessions and lack continuity. In view of this, we would like to build up the idea of continual service – that their passion should not extinguish after the service programme and should in some ways teach their fellow peers/citizens what they have learnt through the service sessions. In order to achieve this goal, follow-up service sessions will be arranged for the participants after this project and further liaison between the participants and service centres will be highly recommended.

Apart from continuity, our hope this year is to cultivate a sense of social awareness in our participants through INGO visits and experience sharing by international volunteers and the ex-clients (people who have gone through what the clients are currently experiencing). Visits will be organised to non-government organisations serving our clients during the project, in the hopes of helping our participants understand the difficulties these clients are facing, and eventually realise the social problems present in our community.Lastly, it is our sincerest hope that through the Community Outreach 2011, participants will not only recognise their social obligation, but also realise their own strengths and weaknesses in the course of interacting with like-minded peers, and hopefully lend a hand in helping the society build a brighter future.


The theme of this year’s project is ‘Society at a Glimpse’. Through the Community Outreach 2011, we hope that our participants can serve the clients, experience the lives of them and empathise with them in just a few weeks’ time. Moreover, we would like to raise the participants’ awareness of current social problems regarding the needy so that they can be equipped with a macroscopic perspective. The principle of continuity will be put into practice.

Target Group

80 students from Form 3 to Form 5, from secondary schools in Hong Kong

Participants should:

• Be a Form 3, 4 or 5 secondary school students in Hong Kong;

• Have a high degree of social awareness;

• Demonstrate initiative in taking up social responsibilities;

• Have a passion for serving the community; and

• Be enthusiastic, responsible and prompt.

Tentative Programme Schedule

Orientation Day

Date: 29th January 2011

Time: 13:00– 18:00

Venue: Kwun Tong Maryknoll College

Experience Day

Date: 13th February, 2011

Time: 13:00– 17:30

Venue: Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College (4 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin, Kowloon)

Introductory Sessions of Services

Mid February, 2011

Introductory service sessions will be arranged for the participants. The aim of these sessions is to teach them the basic skills and techniques for getting along with certain groups of clients and to let the participants understand their roles and duties in the upcoming service sessions.

Volunteer Day

Date: 19th February, 2011

Time: 13:00– 18:00

Venue: Queen's College

One-day Experience Trip

20th February, 2011

A one-day experience trip will be organised for the participants to have in-depth understanding of the real situations of some poorest districts in Hong Kong. Apart from taking part in community service, we also encourage the participants to further broaden their horizons and identify the social problems in our community.

Service Project

Late February - Mid March, 2011

While participants gain voluntary experiences through designing their service projects, we also hope to introduce them to local/international volunteer activities so as to assist them in gaining a better understanding in what non-government al voluntary organisations are doing to help the needy, and learn to appreciate their effort. A number of visits to non-governmental organisations that serve the same targets as in the service projects will be organised in between service dates. Participants will interview the person-in-charge of these organisations and learn from their volunteer experience. Proposed organisations include ORBIS, Amnesty International, and UNICEF.

Organisation Visits

Late February - Mid March, 2011

In the 4-week service project, the participants will be given a chance to put the skills and knowledge they have learnt throughout the scheme into practice. Instead of only being told what to do during a service session, participants will design their own service activity for the target groups. This will be carried out at various service centres of the supporting non-governmental organisations. In particular, the participants will learn the importance of taking an active role in serving others. Participants will also be encouraged to further develop their relationship with their clients. An evaluation session will be held after each service to ensure that participants will reflect on areas of improvement which will be useful in subsequent service sessions. Through the successive services, we look forward to seeing the growing passion of the participants and the building up of relationships between them and the clients, thus achieving the aim of continuity.

Group Project: Video-taking

Late February - Mid March, 2011

Participants are then asked to compile a five to ten-minute video to share what they have learnt in the scheme and raise the social awareness of the others. They should use the information gathered during previous seminars/organisation visits and combine it with their own experience. The final work will be screened and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

Closing Ceremony

Date: 13th March, 2011

Time: 13:00– 18:00

Venue: Wa Ying College


13th March, 2011 onwards

In order to achieve this goal, follow-up service sessions will be arranged for the participants after this project and further liaison between the participants and service centres will be highly recommended.



Youth Summit 2011


The Hong Kong Youth Summit is an annual event organised by the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association. As a platform for future leaders of Hong Kong to exchange views on current economic and social issues, the Summit aims to inspire participants to think critically and analytically on current social issues.

During the past several decades, Hong Kong has undergone rapid development and its economic strength is getting momentum with each passing day. Nevertheless, though Hong Kong is one of Asia’s richest cities, it also has the region’s largest wealth disparity, with some 18 per cent of the population living below the poverty line. The huge disparity in wealth is a pressing problem to the society as it causes numerous social and economical problems. Such tension needs to be eased so that the community would benefit from economic development and share the fruits of prosperity.

The emphasis of this year’s Youth Summit, therefore, will be on finding solutions to the problem of “wealth gap” in the Hong Kong society. Bearing the theme “Bridging the Gap”, participants will look into the problem of income disparity through three major areas: education, housing, and labour. Six Commissions will be formed from members of different Leadership Groups and will be in charge of putting forward resolutions to specific issues through a series of discussions and negotiations. Resolutions drafted by participants will be proposed at the Final Summit. Ratified resolutions will then be presented to at the public forum where social leaders and press will be invited to attend. The final resolutions will be sent to the press, the Legislative Council, respective government departments and related organisations such as Home Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau, Environment Bureau, the Commission on Youth and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order to reflect the views of Hong Kong youths.


- To enhance participants’ awareness of social issues

- To inspire participants to think critically and analytically in different perspectives

- To encourage the exchange of ideas among participants and to provide a channel for them to express their ideas in public

- To develop a sense of belonging to Hong Kong

- To develop the creative potentials of participants through providing creative solutions to existing problems

Recruitment of Participants

120 students from Form 4 to Form 6, from secondary schools in Hong Kong. Schools can nominate at most 10 students who demonstrate interests in current affairs to join the project. Students are also encouraged to apply directly to the programme.

The participants should:

- Display an interest in current affairs

- Be able to think critically

- Be outspoken

- Have an active engagement in school activities

- Be conversationally fluent in Cantonese and English

Details of the Summit

Leadership Groups

- Low Income Group

- Middle Income Group

- Small and Medium Enterprises

- Big Corporations

- Professionals

- New Immigrants

- The Elderly

- The Disabled

- Ethnic Minorities/Foreign Domestic Workers

- Government

Commission Groups

- Two Education Commissions

- Two Housing Commissions

- Two Labour Commissions

Interviews and Excursions

Participants will visit organisations or interview guests that are related to their Leadership Groups. Dates for these visits or interviews will be confirmed at a later date.

Working Language

All discussions will be conducted in either English or Cantonese, and all written documents will be in English.


All the resolutions passed will be followed up by our Association to ensure that the voice of the youths is heard and that responses may be given. As our past practice, the resolutions will be sent to the relevant government departments, the Legislative Council and the press.

Tentative Programme Schedule

Orientation Day

Date: 2nd April 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 13:00– 18:00

Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Day 1

Date: 3rd April, 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 09:30– 18:00

Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Interviews and Excursions

Dates: Between 4 April - 15 April, 2011

Day 2

Date: 9th April, 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 09:30– 18:00

Venue:The University of Hong Kong

Day 3

Date: 16th April, 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 09:30– 18:00

Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Final Summit

Date: 30th April, 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 09:30 – 21:00

Venue: The University of Hong Kong

List of speakers

We are honoured to have invited the following politicians and professionals in various fields to be our guest speakers.

The Hon LEUNG Chun-ying, GBS, JP

- Convenor of the Non-official Members of the Executive Council, HKSAR


- Chairman of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Hon Alan LEONG Kah-kit, SC

- Legislative Councillor and Leader of the Civic Party

Hon Audrey EU Yuet-mee, SC, JP

- Legislative Councillor

Hon LAU Kong-wah, JP

- Legislative Councillor

The Hon LEUNG Kwok-hung

- Legislative Councillor

Professor Joseph J.Y. SUNG, SBS

- Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr. YAU Shing Mu, JP

- Under Secretary for Transport and Housing

Mr. Michael TIEN

- Deputy Chairman of the New People’s Party and Founder of the G2000 Group

Ms. CHAN Yuen-han, SPS, JP

- Vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions

Mr. Vincent WONG

- Director of Strategic Planning of Commercial Radio Hong Kong

Mr. Fred LAM

- Chief Campaigner of the Roundtable Community

Mr. LEUNG Kee Cheong

- Principal of Fresh Fish Traders’ School


- Founder of idebate.hk

Mr. Fredrik FAN Cheung-fung

- Vice-President of the Hong Kong Federation of Students


We would like to extend our gratitude to Hopewell Holdings Limited for being our title sponsor and the University of Hong Kong for venue sponsorship.



Interflow Camp 2011


Pearson Asia Pacific

Hopewell Holdings Limited


Entitled “Mystory”, Interflow Camp 2011 will be a simulation of a detective training programme. We hope to infuse the idea of struggles between different elements of life, e.g. love, friendship, family, wealth, career, and integrity, in the investigation of mysterious cases. The term “Mystory” carries the meaning of both solving mystical cases and reflection on participants’ own life story.

The Camp will simulate a detective training school, where participants are recruited as trainees and are taught special skills in deciphering clues and solving cases. Each individual case presented will be about a conflict between certain important values in life. Participants will be guided to imagine their reactions and choices under these situations. We hope that, through this experience, they can discover more about themselves and reflect on the genuine meaning of life.

During the investigation process, the participants will have to perform creative and challenging tasks which require creative thinking, presentation, communication, etc.It is hoped that through this simulation, participants will be given ample opportunities to let their ideas and imagination soar and potentials to be unleashed. The Camp also aims at helping participants to overcome their self-limitations, develop their original thinking and problem-solving skills. Through enjoyable workshops and educational games, participants will be able to exchange their ideas with and learn from their peers.


- To encourage students to think beyond their limits

- To provide opportunities for students to make use of their creativity and imagination

- To strengthen students’ self confidence and help them realise their potentials

- To further develop students’ leadership and problem solving skills

- To allow students reflect on their own values

- To promote the mission and vision of HKOSA in schools of Hong Kong

Recruitment of Participants

80 students from Form 3 to Form 5, from secondary schools in Hong Kong. Schools can nominate at most 8 students who demonstrate interests in current affairs to join the project. Students are also encouraged to apply directly to the programme with teacher's recommendation.

The participants should:

- Be Secondary 3 to 5 (Grade 9 to 11 for international school students)

- Be responsible and prompt

- Be able to think critically and analytically

- Be active and creative

Tentative Programme Schedule

Orientation Day

Date: 2nd July 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 13:00– 18:15

Venue: School Hall, Queen's College

Day 1

Date: 20th July, 2011 (Wednesday)

Venue: School Hall, Queen's College / Wu Kai Sha Youth Campsite

Day 2

Date: 21st July, 2011 (Thursday)

Venue: Wu Kai Sha Youth Campsite

Day 3

Date: 22nd July, 2011 (Friday)

Venue: Wu Kai Sha Youth Campsite

Day 4

Date: 23rd July, 2011 (Saturday)

Venue: Wu Kai Sha Youth Campsite