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10 Apr 2022


Volunteer Training Scheme, Youth Summit, Project Resonance


Volunteer Training Scheme 2014


“Ignite the Spark Within, Let your Story Begin”

By collaborating with teammates in this project, it is hoped that we may awaken the dormant sense of selflessness which we believe is inherent in every human being. The ambition is to reflect their responsibility as an individual by giving them the opportunity to interact with the underprivileged in Hong Kong. Through Volunteer Training Scheme 2014, we endeavour to rouse and consolidate the youth’s engagement with our society such that they will learn – or continue– to provide for those in need.

Target Group

60 students from Secondary 3 to Secondary 5 (equivalent to Year 10-Year 12) in schools in Hong Kong.

Service Targets

  • The Mentally disabled

  • The Physically disabled

  • The Blind (visually impaired)

  • The Deaf

  • Young Children

  • The Elderly

The participants should:

➢ Be eager to learn about new things;

➢ Demonstrate initiative in taking up social responsibilities;

➢ Feel passionate about providing for the community; and

➢ Be influential, dynamic and empathetic.

Programme rundown

Orientation Day

Date: 1st November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 9:45am - 17:15pm

Venue: Meng Wah Complex 3, HKU

HKU Campus (Various locations)

Exposure Day

Date: 9th November 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 11:30 – 13:45 // 15:45 – 18:30

Venue: Dialogue in the Dark, Mei Foo

Organisation Visit Week

Period: 8th to 15th November 2014

Venue: Various Service centres and NGOs

Organisation Visit – TWGHs Ho Yuk Ching Workshop cum Hostel

Date: 13th November 2014 (Thursday)

Time: 18:45pm - 19:45pm

Venue: G/F – 1/F, 3 Hung Ling Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon

Group: The Mentally Disabled

NGO Visit – Caritas Caine Road Community Centre

Date: 15th November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Venue: Room 032, G/F Caritas House, No. 2 Caine Road, Hong Kong

Group: Young Children, The Physically Disabled,

Organisation Visit -­ Haven of Hope Day Care Service for Severely Disabled Persons

Date: 15th November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am - 12:00noon

Venue: TBC

Group: The Blind, The Deaf

Organisation Visit -­ Haven of Hope Day Care Service for Severely Disabled Persons

Date: 15th November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00am - 13:00pm

Venue: 5/F, 8 Pui Shing Road, Hang Hau, New Territories

Group: The Physically Disabled

Organisation Visit -­ NGO Visit – Helping Hand Hong Kong

Date: 15th November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 14:00pm - 16:00pm

Venue: 12 Borrett Rd, Mid-­‐levels, Hong Kong

Group: The Mentally Disabled, The Elderly

Organisation Visit – Hong Kong Association for the Deaf Youth Section (Sign Language Course Part 2)

Date: 15th November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 14:00pm - 16:00pm

Venue: TBC

Group: The Deaf

Volunteer Day

Date: 16th November 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 12:45pm – 17:30pm

Venue: T3-4, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong

Planning of Service Projects

Date: Saturday, 1st November 2014 – Tuesday, 18th November 2014

Participants are expected to draft a service proposal under the guidance of the Organising Committee

Service Week

Date: Saturday, 22nd November 2014 – Sunday, 30th November 2014

Venue: Service Centres of Supporting NGOs

Closing Ceremony

Date: Saturday, 6th December 2014

Time: 13:15 – 17:45

Venue: CBC, Chow Yei Ching Building, The University of Hong Kong



Hong Kong Youth Summit 2015


Hong Kong Youth Summit (HKYS) 2015 will be held from 1st March, 2015 to 4th April, 2015 at the University of Hong Kong. It is a platform where foresighted teenagers convene to debate and confront issues in a topical area of social concern in Hong Kong to foster mutually agreed strategies to tackle their associated challenges. Through such, we shall give voice to our youth and provide a glimpse into the future of our city.


"Releasing the Sticky Floor – Combating the Stagnation of Social Mobility"

HKYS 15 takes Hong Kong’s plateauing social mobility as its theme under the title "Releasing the Sticky Floor – Combating the Stagnation of Social Mobility". Our title alludes to the metaphorical “sticky floor” of income, power and esteem which appears when a statistically significant proportion of the population remains in the same “social floor” into which they were born.

By taking our increasingly viscous social mobility as the theme of HKYS 15, we hope to direct our youth’s attention to this worrying trend and cultivate our youngsters as the catalyst for wider public awareness and the conversation on remedies towards this issue.


In HKYS 15, student delegates will assume the roles of an array of stakeholders in Hong Kong. Delegates will be placed in a Commission (e.g. Housing; Education) related to their stakeholders’ concerns. They must defend their stakeholders’ interests in a series of Commission Meetings and strive towards a consensus with other parties to resolve the issue on the table. The resolutions reached at the end will be collected in the Resolution Booklet, which will be delivered to relevant organisations and decision-making bodies to reflect the views of our youngsters.

Commission Meetings will be supplemented by a series of Interviews and Excursions as well as seminars and talks given by our guests-of-honour. Delegates will come into close contact with actual members of their stakeholders’ group and the leading experts on the social issues being discussed. Workshops in Commission Meeting rules and public speaking will also be arranged. These experiences, in addition to the Information Pack prepared by the Organising Committee, will allow delegates to engage in productive discussions competently.

The unique feature of HKYS 15 and all past Hong Kong Youth Summits is that all Commission Meetings will occur simultaneously. There will be no less than 7 stakeholders represented in each Commission. This distinctive arrangement makes it possible for diverse and lively discussions on an array of issues to take place over the course of a month. All delegates will benefit from the insights produced in separate Commission Meetings when they convene for the Final Summit and by reading the Resolution Booklet.


By the end of HKYS 15, delegates shall not only have developed in-depth knowledge on the designated social issues but also such essential skills as public speaking, negotiation tactics, and compromise. Ultimately, HKYS 15 aspires to take HKOSA a humble step closer to our goal to nurture the next generation of socially conscious and responsible leaders for Hong Kong.

Target Group

Local students from Form 3 to Form 5 (Year 10 – Year 12)

Programme Rundown

1. Orientation and Delegate Training Day

Date: 1st March, 2015 (Sun)

Time: 09:30 – 18:15

Venue: CPD-LG.18, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

2. Interviews and Excursions

Date: 1st March, 2015 – 13th March, 2015

Venue: Various

3. Forum 1

Date: 14th March, 2015 (Sat)

Time: 09:30 – 18:30

Venue: CPD-LG.09, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

4. Forum 2

Date: 15th March, 2015 (Sun)

Time: 09:30 – 18:30

Venue: CBA, Chow Yei Ching Building, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

5. Forum 3

Date: 22nd March, 2015 (Sun)

Time: 08:00 – 18:15

Venue: CPD-3.04, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

6. Final Summit and Closing Banquet

Date: 4th April, 2015 (Sat)

Time: 09:30 – 22:00

Venue: CPD-3.04, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

Working Language

All discussions shall be conducted in English (mostly) or Cantonese. All written documents shall be presented in English.

Other Learning Experience Hours

Local secondary school participants may receive certified OLE hours through Hong Kong Youth Summit 15 provided that they attain 100% participation rate throughout event days. With the consent of their school authorities, full participation in HKYS 15 leads to the award of 45 OLE hours. The Association will provide certificates to participants if they attain full participation rate.

Best Speaker Award

A best speaker will be selected in each Commission. The Award will be presented at the Closing Banquet. Further details will be released during HKYS 15.



Project Resonance 2015


Project Resonance 2015 – “Summer Lagoon” (PR 15) will be held from 29th June, 2015 to 26th July, 2015. Participants shall dive into a wide range of minority subcultures in Hong Kong. Often unfairly stigmatised or ignored and hence denied their rightful opportunity to flourish, our minorities bear the brunt of the not-so-friendly side of the city. We would like to grasp the opportunity to take a closer look at our minorities which, after all, when added up, constitutes an indispensable part of society, both in terms of number and its contribution towards diversifying the colourful social fabric of Hong Kong.

Why “Summer Lagoon”??!?!

Literally, a lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by carrier islands or reefs. Metaphorically, a lagoon surrounded by mesmerising natural scenery – the placid waters of a lagoon under a blue sky fringed by towering palm trees, for example – evokes feelings of bliss, peace and harmony. This echoes the harmonious relationships maintained between Hong Kong citizens and the minorities within them as a single community.

By naming Project Resonance 2015 “Summer Lagoon”, we express our aim to gather students into an inclusive circle where different personalities are enclosed together to form harmonious relationships like the calm waters of a summer lagoon. This playful title also contains our hope to provide a fun summer experience for our participants, as well as taking them on an exploration of the relatively unknown “carrier islands or reefs” around us. Together we shall walk into uncharted territory, expand our horizons and return with a greater breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding towards our minority communities to build “one community” in Hong Kong.

Programme details

Participants will be divided into 6 groups under the same number of chosen minority communities (see below for details). Project Resonance 2015 shall be divided into three Phases.

Phase I

Phase One is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of minorities in Hong Kong. It shall include site visits, interviews with minority communities and affiliated persons and cultural experience interest classes.

Phase II

Phase Two sets out to consolidate participants’ improved understanding of minorities from Phase One. Participants shall produce a pre-camp promotional video on a topic related to their chosen minorities. The video shall be uploaded online to the public domain. It will hopefully prove to be an effective medium to disseminate information on minority issues and share the participants’ reflection from Phase One with the secondary school community and beyond. Moreover, the active learning process involved shall hopefully further enhance their appreciation of the facts and opinion related to minority issues. In addition, the video will be used as to promote the Carnival Showcase in Phase Three.

Phase III

Phase Three includes our Association’s flagship Interflow Camp ends with a Carnival Showcase. In the Interflow Camp, participants shall take part in team-building activities in their own groups and also together with all other participants. This shall enhance the sense of camaraderie shared by all participants in preparation for the finale of the Project – Carnival Showcase. In the Showcase, participants shall set up stalls in a Carnival open to the public. They shall share the knowledge that they have gathered and their reflections triggered by the exciting series of experiences hitherto in the Project to promote greater public concern for the interests of local minorities. Ultimately, the Showcase shall be a key stage in realising the overarching goal of Project Resonance 2015: promoting the inclusion of stigmatised/underprivileged minority communities to widen their access to the opportunities available in Hong Kong’s mainstream culture.

The minority communities up for consideration include:

1. Sexual and gender minorities;

2. Ethnic minorities;

3. The disabled;

4. Religious minorities;

5. Tree huggers;

6. Japanophiles;

7. Heritage Conservationists;

8. Street Artists.


Project Resonance 2015 seeks to understand the lives and experiences of minority communities in Hong Kong as a step towards promoting cohesion in this socially and culturally eclectic city. Through cultural experience sessions, Interflow camp (I-camp) and our Carnival Showcase – a public carnival where participants exhibit the product of their learning journey throughout the Project – we aim to guide participants to develop a comprehensive and sympathetic understanding of the minorities’ life and culture.

Bearing in mind the utmost importance of presenting a balanced point of view on this potentially controversial topic, Project Resonance 2015 shall emphasise on constructing factual accounts of minority issues and developing understanding towards minorities through simulating personal experiences of the challenges confronted by minorities in Hong Kong.

Target Group

Local students from Form 3 to Form 6 (Year 9 – Year 12)

Programme Rundown

1. Orientation Day (Phase I)

Date: 28th June, 2015 (Sunday)

2. Cultural Experience Session 1 (Phase I)

Date: 29th June, 2015 (Monday) – 3rd July, 2015 (Friday)

Venue: Various

Time: Various

3. Pre-camp Week (Phase II)

Date: 4th July, 2015 (Saturday) – 9th July, 2015 (Thursday)

4. Interflow Camp (Phase III)

Date: 10th July, 2015 (Friday) – 13th July, 2015 (Monday)

Venue: Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - The Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp

Time: TBC

5. Cultural Experience Session 2 (Phase I)

Date: 14th July, 2015 (Tuesday) – 22nd July, 2015 (Wednesday)

Venue: Various

Time: Various

6. Carnival Preparation (Phase III)

Date: 23rd July, 2015 (Thursday) – 25th July, 2015 (Saturday)

7. Carnival Showcase (Phase III)

Date: 26th July, 2015 (Sunday)

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Working Language

A mix of Cantonese and English (but mostly Cantonese) will be used in PR 15.

Application Eligibility & Selection Criteria

All local students from Form 3 to Form 6 (Year 9 – Year 12) are welcome to apply as either a participant or a member of the Organising Committee. The ideal applicant should:

  • Display a keen interest in local minorities;

  • Be able to think critically and creatively;

  • Be conversationally fluent in both Cantonese and English.

OLE Hours

Certificates will be issued to all organising committee members and participants with their completion of the programme with satisfying attendance rate. OLE hours will also be awarded.

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