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10 Apr 2022


Project Vista, Youth Summit


Project Vista 2017


Project Vista 2017 will be held in July. This programme is aimed at helping participants gain insight in the social issues related to our theme this year. The focus will be on the direct experience of these issues through a close encounter with the relevant stakeholders and a deep and critical reflection on these issues through various challenging tasks and group work after the experiencing sessions. Theme of PV 17 Our theme this year is “Rediscover the Fading Colours”. Due to the economic structure, the education system and the influence of the media and other stakeholders in society, the definition of being successful, being outstanding and contributing to Hong Kong has become increasingly narrow, perhaps limited to a few career choices. It is against this context that we chose the theme “Rediscover the Fading Colours”. We hope our participants could learn more about industries that were more prominent in the past but face a declining awareness and interest from Hong Kong youths and have a rethink of the role these industries could play in advancing the city’s future. ​ Programme highlights Immersive workshops The four highlight industries for our theme this year are minibus signs(小巴水牌), movable-type printing(活字印刷), traditional costumes(傳統服裝) and vintage snacks(懷舊小食). We are cooperating with selected practitioners of these industries to offer tailor-made immersive workshops to participants. Participants will be engaged in one of these industries in which they could observe the daily working procedures, try out certain working procedures and converse and interact with the practitioners to gain an immersive understanding of the industry. Labour simulation Apart from the four highlight industries, many industries or careers in Hong Kong are also facing a decline in awareness and interest. We are offering a simulation for participants in which they have to cooperate with one another to complete certain physical tasks. Specific rules and details of the simulation will be announced during the experiencing camp. Documentary production and sharing Participants will form groups based on which highlight industry they were engaged in to produce a 12-minute documentary about the industry and their experience in the programme. To allow participants from different groups to exchange insight about their respective industries, all documentaries will be played in a cinema during the closing ceremony in which special guests would be invited to attend. Special awards would be given to commend documentaries with quality and made with effort. We are cooperating with qualified individuals or organisations to provide guidance to participants in producing the documentaries. Our vision Through the aforementioned activities, we hope participants could rediscover the gradually neglected parts of Hong Kong society which made it so unique in the first place, and form their own informed opinions on the vista, or outlook of Hong Kong in the future. Programme specifics Orientation Day: 2nd July, 2017 Experiencing Camp: 6th July, 2017 to 9th July, 2017 Closing Ceremony cum Documentary Sharing: 28th July, 2017 Details of the programme rundown will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Working language Cantonese will be the main language used throughout the programme.

Application Organising Committee Recruitment for the Organising Committee is closed. If you wish to join us, please apply as participant. Participant Participant recruitment is now open! Click the PDF button to download the application form:

Eligibility and selection criteria: -Secondary 3 to Secondary 6 (Year 9 to Year 12) students -Responsibility and commitment to the programme -The ability to show courtesy, modesty, pro-activeness and team spirit -Awareness of social issues, especially those related to the theme of this programme -Willingness to reflect on society, express views on society and contribute to society

Other Learning Experience Hours Organising Committee More than 75 OLE hours may be awarded for full and active participation. Participant Up to 50 OLE hours may be awarded for full and active participation.



Hong Kong Youth Summit 2017 – YS17 ​香港青年高峰論壇2017 ​


Hong Kong Youth Summit 2017 (YS 17) will be held during late February and early April 2017, aiming at providing a platform that is open for all the participants to obtain a deeper understanding of contemporary social issues and situations, as well as to debate and discuss on issues related to our theme this year.

Theme of YS 17 “Diversity, Harmony, Understand the Variety”

In recent years, conflicts among various social groups have intensified greatly. To give participants a chance to understand more about the diversity among them and to have a clearer picture of the variety of our Hong Kong society, we have chosen “Diversity, Harmony, Understand the Variety” as the theme of YS 17. Ultimately, we hope participants will understand that despite living in diversity, we can still live together in harmony through understanding and acceptance and come up with a resolution for different topics to create a more inclusive Hong Kong.

The technicalities In YS 17, all participants will be divided into groups, each assigned to a commission group (eg. Education, Social Welfare etc.) and a stakeholder group (e.g. Minority, the Poor etc.). Throughout the whole Summit, participants will take on roles of the assigned groups and debate on social issues related to our theme. Participants must defend their stakeholders’ interests during the debate and the Commission meetings. Eventually, they will be required to come up with a resolution of each social issue discussed during meetings and forums, and analyse the stance of each stakeholder groups towards the issue. The resolutions and analyses will be compiled into a magazine which will be published to the sponsors, guest speakers, participated schools as well as the relevant government departments. Commission Meetings will be supplemented by a series of Interviews and Excursions as well as seminars and talks given by our guests-of-honour. Participants will come into close contact with actual members of their stakeholders’ group and the leading experts in the relevant social issues. Workshops in Commission Meeting rules and public speaking will also be arranged. These experiences, in addition to the Information Pack prepared by the Organising Committee, will allow delegates to engage in productive discussions competently. To better facilitate discussions and debates, we will invite experts from various sectors of the society and government officials as our guest speakers to provide us with more information on the specific issues. Participants will also have a chance to debate with our guest speakers during the City Forum or seminar sections.

Our vision By the end of YS 17, we hope that our participants will have developed a strong sense of social awareness and had some insights towards the variety and diversity of different stakeholder groups in Hong Kong. We hope essential skills such as critical thinking, delivering public speech and also expressing personal opinion through writing can be developed or strengthened during the event. We aim at using YS17 as a platform to encourage our participants to paint a clearer picture of Hong Kong and hence contribute in the future by becoming responsible leaders of the society.

Target Group Organising Committee members: Local students from Form 4 to Form 5 (Year 10 — Year 11) and Year 1 University students Participants: Local students from Form 3 to Form 5 (Year 9 – Year 11)

Programme Rundown

1. Orientation and Delegate Training Day Date: 26 February 2017 (Sunday) Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 09:30 – 17:00 ​ 2. Exploring Session Date: 26 February - 10 March 2017 ​ 3. Forum 1 Date: 11 March 2017 (Saturday) Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 09:30 - 17:00 ​ 4. Forum 2 Date: 12 March 2017 (Sunday) Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 10:30 - 17:00 ​ 5. Forum 3 Date: 19 March 2017 (Sunday) Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 09:30 - 17:00 ​ 6. Final Summit Date: 1 April 2017 (Saturday) Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 10:00 - 21:30

Working Language Both English and Cantonese are allowed during discussions. For written documents, they shall be presented in English only. ​

Application Eligibility & Selection Criteria All students studying Form 4 to Form 5 (Year 10 — Year 11) and University Year 1 in local schools are eligible to apply as Organising Committee members, while those in From 3 to Form 5 (Year 9 — Year 11) can apply as participants. Applications will be considered according to the following criteria: Ability to consider social issues critically and analytically Social awareness and willingness of further contribution to society Attitude and ability shown on application forms and/ or during interviews Ability to generate creative resolutions Be presentable through using English and/ or Cantonese

Other Learning Experience Hours Local students joining YS 17 will be granted certified OLE hours if they can attend all our event days and actively participate during events. Full participation throughout the whole event will lead to the award of 45 OLE hours (for participants only). For Organising Committee members, their awarded OLE hours can be over 50. The Association will provide certificates to participants if they attain full participation rate.

Best Speaker Award A best speaker will be selected in each Commission. The Award will be presented at the Closing Banquet. Further details will be released during YS 1

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