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10 Apr 2022


Social Service Series, Mock Interviews, Summer Camp


VolunTEENs 2019

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” —Mahatma Gandhi Ever wanted to serve others but didn't have an opportunity? Or do you want to know more about different parties in our society? VolunTEENs 2019 is the BEST choice for you! In VolunTEENs 2019 (VTS19), we hope to inspire students to be actively concerned about the current social issues and prompt evaluation on current assistance for the under-resourced groups, and most importantly, to guide YOU to devise a service project to give back to society.

Orientation Day It is the part in which participants could strengthen the relationship with one another. There would be various ice-breaking games prepared for participants. They would also have the opportunity to understand the daily difficulties of their service targets with several specific tasks or games. In order to promote our Association to students, the Executive Committee would also introduce the background of HKOSA and the rationale of this service programme. The programme is expected to initiate reflection in students. As a contrary at the end of this programme, each participant would be invited to share their first impression towards their assigned target group. The video taking would be followed by a training workshop including guest sharing session. Professional social workers or representatives from NGOs would be invited as host this session. Communication skills and proper strategies would be introduced to participants. It is anticipated that the skills taught could be useful in building a harmonious atmosphere with the service target. Excursion Series In this part, different experience sessions would be arranged to participants for them to gain deeper understandings toward their target groups. They would be given the opportunity to visit different organisations according to their own group. Moreover, there would also be sharing sessions conducted by senior OSArs or experienced volunteers to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills on social service. Experiencing sessions like social service organised by Executive Committee would also be provided. ​ Self-initiated project: After empowering participants with the basic skills required in social service, the Association would like participants to actualise their learnings by devising a mini-scale service project targeting at their assigned service partners. Before carrying out the project, participants are required to prepare detailed proposals to be examined by the Executive Committee and the Organising Committee. They would be assigned to serve different groups for twice during weekends, allowing them to evaluate the first visit before the final visit. Participants should, at the same time, film video of 5-10 minutes to arouse public awareness regarding different target groups.

Closing Ceremony Participants would be given the stage to present their service projects and learnings from the programme, they would also show their video filmed to other participants and guests. A panel of judges would choose one group as the best performing team according certain criteria. The winning team may have the opportunity to join an overseas service trip. ​ Target groups - The Elderly - The Underprivileged - The Disabled - The Mentally Disabled Programme objectives - To inspire students to be actively concerned about current social issues - To aspire students to regularly serve our community. - To enable participants to understand their social obligations. ​ Tentative timeline - Orientation Day Date: 2nd February, 2019 (Saturday) Venue: Sheung Wan Time: 09:30 – 17:00 ​ - Excursion Series Date: 3rd February - 23rd February (varies from different groups) Venue: (varies from different groups) Time: (varies from different groups) ​ - Self-Initiated Project Date: 24th February - early April (varies from different groups) Venue: (varies from different groups) Time: (varies from different groups) ​ - Closing Ceremony Date: 13th April, 2019 Venue: The University of Hong Kong Time: 10:00 – 17:00 Don’t hesitate to join us!



Mock interviews

This programme would offer talks and sharing sessions, provided by professors from local universities and members of the Association to equip students with essential interview skills. In addition to enabling participants to understand their preference in tertiary education, this programme would also provide mock interview sessions to allow students to gain first-hand experience. In order to accommodate the needs of students more specifically, the event will be tailor-made for several university programmes including medicine, law, and business to equip them with the essential knowledge required for the interviews of these programmes.

In the Mock Interview, we are delighted to have seniors to share their experiences on their studies and their university lives. You can raise any question to them and acquire insights before re-arranging your JUPAS choices. Each participant would have a chance to familiarise themselves with the interview practices with individual comments from our mock interviewers.✨✨ .

This is certainly an exclusive opportunity that you shouldn’t miss to best prepare yourself for university interviews and to display the best version of yourself in the real interview! 🚨



Summer Camp: Explore Thyself


Leading lives of hustle and bustle, students nowadays have hardly any time to slow down their pace of living and reflect on themselves. Their schedules are filled with supplementary classes, tutorial courses, ECA activities, you name it. Some of them, if not most, study merely due to obligations but not realising their goals and aspirations.

With the theme of "Explore Thyself", this year's summer camp intends to act as a platform where participants could slow down, learn about themselves, and devise an embryonic idea of their own aspirations. For those who are not sure about their future, we hope they can gain some more ideas about their careers; For those who have already found their aspirations, we hope they can reconfirm their choice or know more about the chosen career. We understand that it is not possible for the participants clearly identify what their goals are but we still hope that the programme could provide them the chance to explore multifarious options available.

Programme Details

Summer Camp "Explore Thyself" comprises a series of training activities and events which can help the participants explore multifarious career pathways and have a chance to zoom out from their hectic lives and ponder on their future. We have four sub-themes for the programme and we would have a different sub-themes for each day of the programme.


1. Understanding yourself

2. Priorities

3. University goals

4. Career

Orientation Day (the first sub-theme):

On the Orientation Day, participants would be divided into different groups. There would be a series of ice-breaking games to help participants understand one another and mingle with other group-mates, Organising Committee and Executive Committee. There would also be sharing by Ms. Ava LAU, School Development Officer, CLAP for Youth@JC to help participants deepen their reflection on how their difference in personality varies their career choices..

Experiencing Camp:

With the first touch of their group mates and elevated understanding of themselves on the Orientation Day, the participants would further delve into learning more about their priorities and goals. Simultaneously, by indulging themselves in the entertaining yet inspiring activities, they could unwind despite the hectic study lives.

Highlights of the camp

Night performance cum guest sharing:

Not only do we want to help our participants reflect on themselves, but we also hope to help them relax from their hectic lives. Therefore, a night performance would be held to create a relaxing atmosphere. Performance may include live band, singing and dancing.

City Hunt

A city hunt programme serving as entertaining and ice-breaking purposes would be held on the first day of the camp for the participants to cooperate with their group mates to plan a route starting from a secondary school on HK Island to the campsite in Sai Kung. It is hoped that after this activity participants could build rapport with each other and have a chance to rediscover the landmarks of HK.

Opportunity Cost

Participants would choose 10 things out of 15 things in a list we provided to do in their Post-DSE life, then explain the rationale behind their choices, repeating this process until the most important thing is left in the list. They would then realise their priorities in life when making decisions.


Society game will be included in this session. Participants could play the life monopoly with respect to the academic level, job occupation and happy index during the limited time. By performing this game, participants are expected to reflect their daily life and future plan with a series of choices and opportunities given.

Field based outing

During that period, participants are free to choose their interested field for their outing. Fields may include medicine, law, business and humanities. For example, in a medicine outing, participants may have the chance to attend a medical seminar in a university or to visit the medical school of HKU or CUHK. A business outing may be a one day job shadowing of senior OSArs working in business field.

Closing assembly (Final Production):

After the orientation day and the experiencing camp, participants are required to come up with a Final Production. The purpose of the Final Production is for participants to consolidate their experience in the programme. Students are encouraged to explore different forms and styles, such as writing of different genres, drama, short film, or performance. Participants would finish their Final Production under the guidance of Organising Committee. We hope students can conclude and reinforce what they have learnt and reflected during the programme through the Final Production.

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