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Last Updated:

8 Apr 2023


Social Service Series, Youth Summit, Coffee Chat, Study Abroad Series


Voyage Beyond: Social Service Series

The "Voyage Beyond" Social Service Series, organised jointly by the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association and Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association, was successfully held from November to December 2021. Targeting young children from low-income families, the activities aimed to pique their interest in English through interactive methods and increase their confidence in speaking English in the long run.

Volunteers' Training Workshops

A series of activities were designed by volunteers from different secondary schools and the our ExCo members over the period. Training workshops were held November by our ExCo members to brief volunteers on the programme and equip them with the necessary event management and communication skills.

Service Sessions 1 & 2: Storytelling

The service sessions kickstarted in December. A dozen of young participants listened to tales from around the world in engaging storytelling sessions and played group games that consolidated their newly acquired knowledge. Tales told in the sessions include "Momotaro" from Japan and "The Empty Pot" from ancient China. The activities exposed our participants to different cultures and taught them to embrace the diversity across borders.

Service Session 3: Fun Day

Towards the end of the programme, participants had a fun time making kibi dango, a snack which appeared in the Japanese story. The social service series concluded with a taste-testing session of the snacks prepared and a group photo session.

A Very Merry Christmas

Overall, responses from both the volunteers and children are positive as evidenced by their active participation in the programme and post-event evaluation. Designed to be different from the usual classroom setting, the highly interactive Voyage Beyond social service series made English more approachable for young learners, and gave them a taste of travelling abroad at the time when outbound travel became difficult. As our vision goes, we will continue to make unremitting efforts to “synergise and serve” different disadvantaged groups.



Uni Hub

(Postponed due to the Pandemic)

Every year, plenty of our members embark on their journeys at university, where they might encounter different adversities and uncertainties. UniHub was aimed at providing a platform for senior OSArs to give guidance and support to freshmen OSArs of the same university, accompanying them during ups and downs in the new environment. 

Unfortunately, due to the 5th wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed.



Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022

The Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022: “Anti-Apocalypse was successfully held from April 12 - 14. In the three-day virtual event, our guest speakers: Mr. Jason Yip, Prof. Jonathan Choi, and Ms. Benita Chick gave inspiring and informative keynote speeches as participants drew inspiration from their talks and explored pressing global issues threatening humanity. The speeches were interspersed with group activities, such as a friendly debate, a trivia, and a session for participants to design their future planet.

On the last day of the event, participants gave creative presentations followed by a Q&A session on a wide range of topics that were chosen based on their interests, including the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the impact of artificial intelligence on social media, and plastic pollution. Each group also proposed solutions to tackle the challenges, responding to the theme “Anti-Apocalypse” of the event. While humanity faces many challenges in these uncertain times, the Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022 is a reminder that the world is not beyond saving and highlights the importance of engaging the youth in addressing global problems.

Snapshots from HKYS 2022-

With Mr Jason Yip

With Prof Jonathan Choi

With Ms Benita Chick

The ExCo team <3



Coffee Chat Series 2022

The Coffee Chat Series was sucessfully held on 26/6/2022 and 24/7/2022. Through this career planning event, OSArs and non-members alike who were interested in business, entreprenership, and technology had the oportunity to develop their professional network In total, 2 sessions were organized:

  • Session 1: Atop the Mountains

  • Session 2: The Intersection

We were honoured to invite

Session 1:

  • Mr. Alex Lau (Chief of Staff at Dah Sing Bank)

  • Ms. Mena Liu (Morgan Stanley Equity Derivatives Associate Developer)

  • Mystery Speaker (Stock Analyst)

Session 2:

  • Mr. William YC Chan (Internet and Software Technologist, Ex-Googler)

  • Ms. Kathy Chau (Manager at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority)

  • Mr. William CH Chan (Co-Founder of Agent of Change Foundation LTD)

Participants enjoyed a leisurrely but fruitful afternoon chat with industry experts and leaders at the event! Here are some highlights from the event:



Orientation Day for the 37th OSArs

HKOSA welcomed 40 new members and the Orientation Day for the 37th OSArs was held sucessfully in 2022 July.



Study Abroad Series

HKOSA co-organized a study aborad festival with Access Abroad Hong Kong (AAHK). This information session was open to all F3-5 students in which OSArs who are currently studying abroad would share their journey and provide insights to aspiring international students.

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