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Coffee Chat Series 2022: Climb 'Atop the Mountains' with Professional Advice!

Date posted:

30/5/22, 12:00 pm

Last updated:

30/5/22, 1:46 pm

The first session of Coffee Chat Series, themed as 'Atop the Mountains', offers a valuable opportunity for business students and future entrepreneurs to broaden their network through an afternoon chat with industry professionals.

Coffee Chat Series 2022: Climb 'Atop the Mountains' with Professional Advice!

After the DSE exam or a long semester, what are your plans for this summer? If you’re interested in business-related fields, then Coffee Chat Series 2022 is the event for you! Themed as ‘Atop the Mountains’, this Coffee Chat session is a wonderful networking opportunity for you to meet industry professionals so you can stand taller and see further.

We know that it's important for students to develop their professional network, so three guest speakers with experience in the general business world, entrepreneurship, and technology will be invited to share their insights with you. Don’t fret as this is a relatively casual event - so sign up, come grab a free coffee and snacks, and rotate through the three groups to enjoy a light-hearted but insightful chat with each of our guests (and there are other drinks too if you don’t like coffee!).

We welcome everyone who wants to pursue a career in business, entrepreneurship and the tech field. The details are as follows:

【Event Details】

Date: 26/6/2022 (Sunday)

Time: 15:00-17:10

Venue: To be announced

Eligibility: Secondary 6 - University Year 2 students

Fee: $100 (including venue rental, snacks and drink; see application form for payment methods)

Quota: 24

Application form:

As a non-profit, the HKOSA will be refunding excess payments (if any) to participants after the event. Apply now at the link in our Instagram bio or on our website ( Application deadline is 15/6. More information will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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