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Meet us at 'The Intersection' for another round of inspiring sharing

Date posted:

3/7/22, 4:00 am

Last updated:

3/7/22, 2:24 am

Application is now open for the second session of Coffee Chat Series 2022: 'The Intersection' which will offer secondary students a chance to chat with business workers, tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

Meet us at 'The Intersection' for another round of inspiring sharing

Does working in a tech start-up mean writing lines and lines of code💻? What’s it like to run a charity for those struggling to get by 🤝🏻? If you’re a secondary school student with an interest in business📈, entrepreneurship🕴️, or technology👩‍💼, then sign up for the second session of the Coffee Chat Series - ‘The Intersection🛣️’. You can spend a leisurely afternoon chatting with experienced professionals and industry workers in a relatively casual setting at a price of just $100, or an exclusive discount price of $60 for OSArs💸. If you have paid for the first session: ‘Atop the Mountains' but did not show up with an acceptable reason, you can join this session for free! Snacks🍪 and drinks☕ will be provided.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date: 24th July, 2022 (Sun)

Time: 15:00 – 17:10

Format: Face to Face (in Cantonese)

Venue: Desk-one (Common Ground), Shop 1A, 1 Electric Street, Wan Chai

Eligibility: Open to all, but preferably Secondary 3-5 (or equivalent)

Fee: $100 (included fees for venue, beverages and snacks); ❗ $60 for OSArs❗

Quota: 20

Apply here:

If a tightening of COVID-19 restrictions forces us to cancel the face-to-face event, the session will be moved only and participants can get a full refund. Don’t hesitate - join the event now - and gain valuable advice from this intersection of bright minds that will weave a promising future for you✨✨!

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