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Social Service Series - "Voyage Beyond" Successfully Held!

Date posted:

23/12/21, 10:00 pm

Last updated:

30/5/22, 1:43 pm

The Voyage Beyond Social Service Series, a collaboration with the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association, has ended on a high note. Read on for a joyous recap!

Social Service Series - "Voyage Beyond" Successfully Held!

Group photo taken during Session 3: Fun Day

The "Voyage Beyond" Social Service Series, organised jointly by the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association and Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association, was successfully held from November to December 2021. Targeting young children from low-income families, the activities aimed to pique their interest in English through interactive methods and increase their confidence in speaking English in the long run.

Volunteers' Training Workshops

A series of activities were designed by volunteers from different secondary schools and the our ExCo members over the period. Training workshops were held November by our ExCo members to brief volunteers on the programme and equip them with the necessary event management and communication skills.

Service Sessions 1 & 2: Storytelling

The service sessions kickstarted in December. A dozen of young participants listened to tales from around the world in engaging storytelling sessions and played group games that consolidated their newly acquired knowledge. Tales told in the sessions include "Momotaro" from Japan and "The Empty Pot" from ancient China. The activities exposed our participants to different cultures and taught them to embrace the diversity across borders.

Service Session 3: Fun Day

Towards the end of the programme, participants had a fun time making kibi dango, a snack which appeared in the Japanese story. The social service series concluded with a taste-testing session of the snacks prepared and a group photo session.

A Very Merry Christmas

Overall, responses from both the volunteers and children are positive as evidenced by their active participation in the programme and post-event evaluation. Designed to be different from the usual classroom setting, the highly interactive Voyage Beyond social service series made English more approachable for young learners, and gave them a taste of travelling abroad at the time when outbound travel became difficult. As our vision goes, we will continue to make unremitting efforts to “synergise and serve” different disadvantaged groups.

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