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Youth Summit 2022: Organising Committee recruitment

Date posted:

21/2/22, 10:00 pm

Last updated:

30/5/22, 1:43 pm

We are now recruiting members for the Organising Committee of our flagship event, Youth Summit: Anti-Apocalypse. Form 5 - Year 2 students are welcome!

Youth Summit 2022: Organising Committee recruitment

Youth Summit is the flagship event of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association in which students have the opportunity to express their views on important social issues. As one of the largest events organised by the HKOSA, we are now recruiting 10-15 organising committee members to help run the programme.

The theme of Youth Summit 2022 is “Anti-Apocalypse”, and participants will have the precious opportunity to interact with distinguished scientists, industry leaders and professors about the existential risks that humanity faces, namely climate change and nuclear warfare.

Organising committee members will have the opportunity to come up with several themed activities that enrich our guest speakers’ keynote speeches, as well as to hold different group discussions during the Youth Summit. Time spent preparing for the event also counts towards your OLE hours, if applicable.


Date: 12 - 14/4 (Tue - Thu)

Time: 09:00 - 13:00 (Day 1 will end at 13:30)

Eligibility: F.3 to F.6 students, or equivalent

Mode: Online

Application Deadline: 31/3

Fee: FREE!

If you always find yourself dreaming up solutions that may potentially save the world, or if you are just eager to organise activities and make new friends, join us as an OC member for Youth Summit 2022 now! Sign up with the Google form via the link here. We are thankful for every bit of your help!

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