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Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022 - "Anti-Apocalypse" concluded on a high note!

Date posted:

18/4/22, 4:00 pm

Last updated:

30/5/22, 1:44 pm

The 35th Executive Committee would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our guest speakers, judges, Organising Committee members, and participants. Thank you for making HKYS 2022 possible!

Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022 - "Anti-Apocalypse" concluded on a high note!

ExCos and OCs - we definitely made a brilliant team!

Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022: “Anti-Apocalypse was successfully held from April 12 - 14. In the three-day virtual event, our guest speakers: Mr. Jason Yip, Prof. Jonathan Choi, and Ms. Benita Chick gave inspiring and informative keynote speeches as participants drew inspiration from their talks and explored pressing global issues threatening humanity. The speeches were interspersed with group activities, such as a friendly debate, a trivia, and a session for participants to design their future planet.

On the last day of the event, participants gave creative presentations followed by a Q&A session on a wide range of topics that were chosen based on their interests, including the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the impact of artificial intelligence on social media, and plastic pollution. Each group also proposed solutions to tackle the challenges, responding to the theme “Anti-Apocalypse” of the event. While humanity faces many challenges in these uncertain times, the Hong Kong Youth Summit 2022 is a reminder that the world is not beyond saving and highlights the importance of engaging the youth in addressing global problems.

Snapshots from HKYS 2022-

With Mr Jason Yip

With Prof Jonathan Choi

With Ms Benita Chick

The ExCo team <3

📢📢 We are glad to announce that all participants will be awarded a certificate and a set of souvenirs, and the winning groups can receive more gifts - so please stay tuned to our further announcements!


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